Agricultural Services

We are one of the most reliable and reasonable source for various Agricultural services.


Preparation of project reports for cultivation of fruits / vegetables / commercial crops / Agro based / Agro Ancillary Industries / Food processing industries.

Preparation of Technical Reports for availing loan facilities from various banks and financial Institutions for infrastructural developments.

Preparation of technical reports for availing subsidy facilities from Nabard / KVIC / NHB / medicinal plant board/ Ministry of Food processing.

Agro based and Agro Ancillary ventures include

Dairy / Poultry / Goatery / quail / titar / butter / farming projects

Fish / prawn / IMC farming.

Processing industries include Dal mill / Oil mill / Rawa Atta Besan mill / mineral water / Jaggery / bakery and many more projects.

Projects related to development of non conventional sources of energy, such as wind mill, biomass briquetting.

Technical support services available for preperation any sort of project reports with timely technical backup.

Training activities on various Agro based and Agro Ancillary Industries are provided too.

Agricultural Training Activities

We are expertise in organizing Agricultural training events and activities for our farming communities with respect to

Crop cultivation and cultivations under controlled conditions such as Shade net / green house.

Workshop with respect to Govt. schemes and incentives available from various undertakings such as Nabard, NHB, NMPB, Ministry of food processing industries aquaculture etc.

These events are organized round the year in the State as well as outside the State, kindly refer to upcoming agricultural training events

Agri Services List


About Us

Agri Hub private limited has it’s establishment in the year 2013 with a singular aim of catering to the holistic needs of NGO ( Non Government Organization / trusts) and Agricultural sector conceptualized and founded by Mr. Suhas Deshpande

"Agri Hub" is coming up as one of the unique basic and primary source with respect to various needs and requirements of NGO and Agricultural sector.


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